Policies & Procedures


  • Parents/guardians are responsible for communicating absences with the M Dance office.

  • Students who do not attend regularly may be withdrawn from classes, sections of routines, or routines entirely, particularly in the case of our performance teams.



  • All fees are inclusive of GST. 

  • Class fees are invoiced by the term and remain the same regardless of actual attendance. There will be no refunds, credits, or transfers if the full term isn't completed.

  • Class fees are due by the first Friday of each term.

  • Fees are not refundable nor transferable between students, family member, classes or terms. 

  • Family discounts and multiple class discounts are available and can be discussed with the Director.

  • Payments can be made using bank transfer or cash.

  • Where an invoice is 7 days overdue, the student will not be able to participate in classes.  Their position in a class will be held for 2 weeks only.

  • All fees are non-refundable.  This includes classes, workshops, events and other.


  • The uniform set out by M Dance is compulsory for all students, excluding Adult classes.  The set uniform must be worn to all classes.  This consists of our studio t-shirt and/or black dance shorts or leggings. The studio uniform is available for purchase at the studio. The correct footwear is to be worn at all times and the appropriate stockings. Costumes will be used for our performing teams who participate in competitions and for our showcase at the end of the year.

  • Uniform items that have been cut, are ripped or torn, or damaged are not permitted in class.

  • Parents are to be strongly encouraged to affix name tags to all items of uniform.

  • Our logo is not to be used or affixed to anything without consent of the Director.

  • No jewelry may be worn with the exception of small studs.

  • Hair is to be tied up and away from the face for class.



  • Parents/Guardians must have a valid email address and contact phone number.

  • Important information and invoices will be emailed to the parent at the provided email address. Other communication is relayed through our private Facebook page called M Dance Community.

  • It is the responsibility of at least one parent/guardian to read newsletters and emails that are sent from M Dance, to keep informed.

  • Communication involving children will be directed to the parent/guardian.

  • Digital communication must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person.

  • Digital communication must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person.



  • M Dance does not tolerate swearing, indecent or disrespectful language, defamatory comments, or indecent or disrespectful conduct from students, parents/guardians, family members, or visitors.  

  • Any individual who demonstrates any of the above will be asks to withdraw from M Dance immediately. This behaviour includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media or on the internet.

  • Negative communications between parents and/or students will not be tolerated by M Dance. Where negative communications take place, the parents and students involved will be asked to withdraw from M Dance immediately. This includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media, or on the internet.



  • ​The following will not be tolerated in person, via email, via text messaging or via the internet; Verbal abuse or shouting, Physical Abuse, Excluding or isolating a person, Psychological harassment, Humiliating a person through sarcasm, criticism or insults, Ignoring or belittling a person’s contribution or opinion.

  • Where any persons feel that they are the victim of bullying, they should discuss the matter directly with the person/people concerned and request an end to the behaviour. Should this approach fail or be inappropriate, the victim can contact the Director for assistance is resolving the matter.



  • Physical contact between a teacher and student may be required to demonstrate, correct or assist with dance or tumbling movements.

  • In the event of an injury, physical contact may be required between a First Aider and injured student or visitor.

  • Any inappropriate or indecent physical contact between staff, students or visitors of M Dance must be reported immediately.


  • Please remember that your anonymity on Social Media is never guaranteed and to exercise caution when posts, images, or videos identify children in your care.

  • Remain mindful that your behaviour on Social Media remains in keeping with the M Dance code of conduct.

  • Any comments or posts perceived to be obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful towards M Dance staff, students or families may subject the owner to disciplinary or legal action. 

  • Should you wish to engage on Social Media while identifying as a studio dancer parent volunteer or employee, you may only do so with integrity, respect, and adhere to privacy and confidentiality policy. Any content revealing or referring to sensitive studio information is not allowed to be shared online. 

  • Intellectual property laws (for example, costume design and choreography), must be observed by all studio patrons when posting online. This includes but not limited to manuals, forms, handbooks, and syllabus, etc.

  • While affiliated with our studio, (for example, images of your child in M Dance uniform) we will not tolerate any posts that are racially, sexually, physically or religiously offensive.

  • All matters pertaining directly to the studio – whether it be fees, scheduling, placements or performance opportunities – may be communicated via Social Media. We have an open-door policy and encourage all communication, complaints and feedback to be communicated to the principal directly.

  • We discourage parents / students and teachers from becoming ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ on Social Media, unless there is an existing relationship. We consider all studio members to be family and as such feel the obligation to respect and monitor personal boundaries.

  • Families found to be engaging in ‘hidden’ or ‘private’ groups formed for the specific purpose of discussing studio matters will be encouraged to join our closed Facebook group for public discussion and warned against discussing Studio matters in their private online groups.

  • Photos or Videos taken from performances or rehearsals may NOT be posted online.

  • You may not post photographs / videos that feature M Dance students other than your own online without the proven consent of their parent/guardian.

  • Identifying information of any featured minors – including names, ages or location – must be removed when posting on Social Media.

  • The recording and airing, sharing, posting, distribution of teachers’ routines, is a serious breach of copyright and may result in offenders being asked to withdraw from M Dance and in some circumstances, legal action may be considered, therefore no footage of M Dance performances is to be shared to social media without permission