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M Dance has specially tailored dance classes designed to specifically introduce young children aged 3 - 4 years to the world of dance., along with all genres of dance classes for children aged 5 years and over.

Children who participate regularly in our fun classes learn to build confidence and self-esteem through social interaction, creativity through mime and other play-based learning, co-ordination and flexibility, independence and ability to focus, better posture, musicality and rhythm, teamwork and performance skills - and all this while learning to dance too!

We provide our students with encouragement and a happy, relaxed and personalised approach to learning dance. All of our teachers have years of experience in the Performing Arts and teaching and are excited and waiting to pass on their love of Dance to your budding dancer. We strongly believe in producing 'all-rounder' dancers who can perform any genre of Dance well.

Whilst all of our classes are specifically designed to have fun with no pressure, those students who do wish to compete in competitions will also have the opportunity to do so through our performance teams and exams.

Outstanding teaching in a nurturing environment makes our classes comfortable for any child to attend, as they will feel an instant sense of belonging and acceptance, and that is what sets us apart from everyone else.

Many thanks to Gundala Kindergarten and Play Group for assisting us with our 2nd dance studio home.