We offer a variety of classes all aimed at producing well-rounded dancers who develop a life-long love of the magic that is Dance.

We will help them blossom and grow not only in Dance, but in all facets of life.

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​This is a combined class of Ballet, Tap & Jazz for 3-4yr olds. Have fun skipping with ribbons, springing like frogs and learning themed dances. This helps support tactile awareness and strengthens fine motor control. Also helps develop muscle strength, control & balance and helps achieve co-ordination milestones before heading off to school.

Learn the basics of Tap in a fun and creative way hopping in puddles, shuffling like penguins and ticking like clocks!




This a combined class of Tap, Ballet and Jazz . It is a half hour of each discipline and best suited to children who are 5 yrs old to 7yrs of age.




This is a class for pre-schoolers who are interested in a circus arts class. If your pre-schooler loves to cartwheel, somersault, juggle and generally clown around, then this is the class for them!



Once the student is over 7 yrs old, our classes then split into separate classes for each genre. They are 45 minutes in duration. Tap teaches rhythm and musicality, and your child will have a blast creating rhythm and sound using their feet! Tap is intricate and perfect for those who love a challenge, and is strongly recommended.



Once the student is over 7 yrs old, our classes then split into separate classes for each genre. They are 45 minutes in duration. Ballet technique is extremely important for all types of dance as it is the basis for every form of Dance. Ballet also teaches correct posture and how to move with grace.

Children who learn the art of Ballet will be eligible to join our performing team.


Once the student is over 7 yrs old, our classes then split into separate classes for each genre. They are 45 minutes in duration. Our jazz style is funkier than most, and children tend to love these classes as they can let loose and have a lot of fun while honing their skills.




Your child will learn how to breathe correctly ,how to harmonise in a group environment, microphone technique etc. Taught by a highly qualified singing professional, singing classes are required to join our performing team.


* Performance Teams


Children who do wish to take it further than their weekly class, are welcome to audition for our performance teams who compete in competitions and Eisteddfods.

* Special criteria applies

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This is an exciting circus arts program exclusive in our area to M Dance! After Little Monkeys, children graduate to Dance Cirque where they learn tumbling, juggling, silks and hoop to name a few. There is nothing like this in the Bayside and we are very excited to be able to bring this to you!

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The Tap classes are designed for adults who have previously learned and are wishing to get back into it after some time away. This class is held at a different venue. Please note: This is not an adult's beginners class.

The Jazz classes are for adult beginners who want to do something for enjoyment, exercise and social engagement.




We also offer exams for children who are interested gaining qualifications throughout their dance life with M Dance. Syllabus work is taught in our normal classes as it provides a great foundation for all types of dance. There are no 'extra' classes required to participate in exams, although students do need to attend twice a week to be eligible. Exam entry is at the discretion of the Director.

Private Lessons



Private lessons are available by appointment only and are solely for the purpose of competition work.

Please contact the Director to arrange your private lessons today!