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  • What do I wear to class? 

        Our Black T-Shirt with the M Dance logo on it available from the studio, black plain leggings, black jazz shorts and a              black leotard, as well as the appropriate dance shoes and stockings best suited to the class. We recommend Stretch             Out at Wynnum for all of your dance needs. They have a list of the required footwear your child will need for classes.

  • How do I pay for classes?

        Payment is by internet bank transfer. Fees are payable up front by the term to encourage regular attendance and                 commitment to your classmates. We offer great discounts for multiple classes too - Just ask us!

  • Is there an enrolment fee? 

        An enrolment fee of $20 is payable at the first lesson. This helps to cover the costs of music licensing and insurances.

  • Can I stay and watch classes? 

        It is appreciated if parents are not present for the duration of all classes. All students will settle into class much faster         if you leave before the start of class. We thank you for your co-operation.

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